The Belle Époque comes to life


The struggle between creativity and destruction

A young comic book artist from New York lives out a remarkable story. He falls in love with a French girl, who seems to have fallen out of a Mucha poster. At the same time, he acquires a superpower to enter images and move in their world. This begins his mysterious and somewhat frightening journey to meet a beautiful girl and a man from the past who is looking for a helper in the fight against the black cloud of futility. The man is Alphonse Mucha.

Narrated by Pierce Brosnan

The powerful experience is further enhanced by the voice accompanying the entire story. For the narration, we managed to bring in the famous actor Pierce Brosnan, whose storytelling skills give the whole show a touch of uniqueness and professionalism.

Slav Epic

The premises will be filled with the monumental Slav Epic

Breathtaking projections of the monumental Slav Epic will guide you through the individual canvases of the masterpiece. Through 3D animation of moving action, they literally draw you into the history of the Slavic nations. The emotional experience is further enhanced by orchestral music. Thanks to the professional processing, which includes layering the image for a true 3D effect, you will be present at the most important historical events.
The performance is complemented by a narrated comic story created by a fictional admirer of Mucha's work … The show offers an opulent visual experience full of lights, music, dance and acrobatics ...
The show on an enormous stage is full of explosions of colour, music and moving reproductions of Mucha's famous works ...


Narrated by Pierce Brosnan

The entire story is told by the narrator, which enhances the experience from the show. The narrator is the popular actor Pierce Brosnan.

Adobe technology

The revolutionary EbSynth program from Secret Weapons and FaceStyle from Adobe breathe new life into Art Nouveau works.

Light show and stage props

You will be drawn into the story by a first-rate light show, stunning effects and unusual props.



Prague, Czech Republic
O2 Universum
Feb 16, 2022

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Tickets to the premiere on 16. 2. 2022 can be purchased online via Ticketmaster network and in person.

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An emotional 90-minute show with a contemporary comic story about the life journey of a famous artist through the eyes of a young comic book artist. Experience the most technologically advanced projection with modern music, dance, acrobatics and breathtaking stage design.


Pavlína Stránská, press secretary, e-mail:

Getting there

O2 Universum, Českomoravská 2345/17, 190 00 Prague 9-Libeň


Jan 6, 2022

Pierce Brosnan in person at the premiere

The experience of the February premiere of the iMUCHA Show will be made even more memorable by the personal presence of the globally popular actor Pierce Brosnan, who will narrate the compelling story!

Oct 24, 2021

iMUCHA Show in Dubai!

In the spring of 2022, the iMUCHA Show will become part of the Czech pavilion at the EXPO in Dubai.

The inclusion of the Show in the selection of exclusive presentations of the best from individual countries at this prestigious and leading cosmopolitan EXPO is proof of its excellence and uniqueness.

Oct 2, 2021

The premiere of the Show is approaching fast!

Opening night is 16 February 2022 at the O2 Universum, and you are cordially invited to attend by Pierce Brosnan himself, whose voice will accompany the Show!

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